iOS 13.2 Beta Update Will Introduce the Deep Fusion Feature

The next beta of iOS update will enable the Deep Fusion, a new image processing technique for all three iPhone 11 models. Reviewers and users have confirmed that significant photography improvements of the iPhone 11 family and there’s one more enhancement.  With Deep Fusion, Apple promises that images produced by iPhone 11 devices will pop with details and have minimum noises. This technology is meant to run on the background. Users won’t be able to enable or disable it and there’s not even an indication that Deep Fusion is active. Right now, if you are using the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and regular iPhone 11, Smart HDR is the default photography mode. With this mode, the iPhone 11 will take multiple images before and after you press the shutter.

These images will be blended together to improve details and dynamic range. If it’s too dark, the Night Mode will be enabled to reduce noise and improve brightness. But, Deep Fusion works at the finer, pixel level. This will further optimize details and image noise when taking photo in dim or low light situations. This also means that the iPhone 11 is well optimized for all conditions, bright, medium and low lights. With pixel-level optimization, Deep Fusion will produce enormous impact on photo quality.

When the Deep Fusion feature is enabled, the iPhone 11 will capture a reference photo and then breaks it down, along with a synthetic long photo to identify multiple objects like walls, clouds, textures, hair, grass and other small details. Deep Fusion software will perform pixel-level analysis of both photos or about 24 million pixels in total. When the analysis is completed, the result will be used to optimize the final image. With the powerful A13 processor, Apple says that it takes only one second to complete the whole operation. If that’s true, you don’t need to wait too long to take the next highly detailed photo. Apple announced the Deep Fusion technology just a few a weeks before the official announcement of the Google Pixel 4, another flagship device with significant photographic performance.

Again, it is important to note that Deep Fusion requires the high performance A13 processor, so it won’t be available for iPhone X series and older models. In recent years, even professional photographers have been using latest iPhone models as their backup cameras if they want to take some pictures quick. The introduction of Deep Fusion would be something that excites both photographers and average users.