Being Me Is a New iOS App That Helps You Improve & Live a Better Life

Personal growth & self improvement is a niche that we love to cover because of the potential positive effect it can have on our readers. That’s why, today we will talk about one of the best new apps in this niche – Being Me.

Being Me – General Introduction

Introduced recently, Being Me is a new self help and growth app featuring guided journaling, goal creation, and tracking, as well as habit creation and tracking all in order to help the user live a better and more fulfilled life.

Features and how to make use of it

Once you open the app, you can make use of the 3 main features which are located at the bottom of the main dashboard. The most unique feature is the guided journaling with various reflection exercises and plans designed with help from life coaches and certified mental health professionals. These exercises include self-reflection and getting your mind to a mindful state. Within the app you can also contact life coaches and seek advice.

The goal-setting and tracking, along with habit creation and tracking, are the tools that will keep you motivated to do actions. And as days pass by the journaling and self-reflection will help you stay focused and inspired. This creates a system, which we believe that will work for many people to improve their life.

Of course, you can make use of Being Me for any field of life you want. The app is intuitive, and if you want to change your life for the better – it’s a must-try! Being Me is free on the App Store with monthly subscription for premium features like unlimited reflections, goals, and habits.