Samsung Galaxy S11 May Have a Periscope Camera with 108Mp Resolution and 5x Optical Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will surely deliver various amazing features. Rumors point out to primary camera with 108MP resolution and telephoto lens with 5X optical zoom. Recently, the well-known Twitter leaker @UniverseIce posted that the Galaxy S11 will have more than just a camera with 5x optical zoom. This could mean a separate photography feature or a telephoto lens with more than 5x magnification. A tech news website from South Korea, The Elec, reported that Samsung is getting folded camera sockets from the MecaTech Systems for the test unit of Galaxy S11. A folded camera means that a periscope-like camera could be made less prominent, because the camera enclosure is inserted sideways.

This means that the Galaxy S11 will include a telephoto lens and it should be embedded fairly flush at the rear part of the device. This could be the thing that @UniverseIce said as being not “normal”, but it could still be something else more interesting. The Elec also stated that Samsung will soon test a 108Mp camera with 5x optical zoom, which could be used on the Galaxy S11, if the components could meet the fairly high standards of Galaxy S series. A different patent told us that the Galaxy S11 will have a spectrometer. It’s a fancy new sensor that could perform various complex measurements.

The Galaxy S series is due for a major design update and a periscope camera will be a new change. At this stage, the Galaxy S11 is still largely a mystery and the probable launch date should be February 2020 or before the MWC. It is said that the S11 will arrive on February 18, 2020, five days before the MWC 2020 start. We should also get multiple variants of the new flagship, including the regular Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11+ and Galaxy S11e. The camera hole of the Galaxy S11 should be smaller than the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. It could be made of glass and metal with Android 10 OS out of the box. QHD+ OLED display panel could also be added to the impressive specifications. The current Samsung Galaxy S10 is an excellent Android device and the Galaxy S11 should be even better.

OnePlus recently introduced the OnePlus 7T with 90Hz display, so it would be a good thing if the Galaxy S11 has something similar. With all the new features, the price of Galaxy S11 would be pushed up even further.