Make New Friends With ‘Tag’ – Review

We generally live busy lives with work and family and we really don’t find time to meet new people and go out. Being so busy with your personal life means you lose touch with your friends. It’s difficult to make new friends once you get to a certain age. Finding the things you have in common with a person in the same age group as you are can be a task. If you’re like me you want to have separate friends from the ones at work or your local tennis club. There are people that can start a conversation really easy and then there are others that find it difficult. If you struggle with making new friends then Tag is the right app for you.

Available on App Store and Google Play, Tag is the best way to make new friends and hang out with people of the same interest. Tag is similar to a dating app but to ‘hook up’ with new friends. The app uses your location and a few questions to match you with friends that have the same interest and hobbies as you do.

Using Tag is simply. Once you download the app you will have to sign up. You add your location, a few things about yourself and what you’re interested in. The app will then show you potential friends in your area and have the same interests as you do. You can take your time and go through the profiles you want to make contact with and then you can start a conversation. The app also got a percentage match so you won’t waste time contacting people that you probably won’t have a long friendship with.

Tag is perfect if you move to a new area or started university in a different town. You can connect with people who share your hobbies, connect with friends for a night out, find a housemate, set up a date and just about anything to meet new people.

Tag is free and available to download on the App Store and Google Play.