Make Your perfect circle of trust with Kumbaya

We all face the same problem when we try to find someone for everyday needs like a painter for the house, tutor for the kids, doctor\physio and etc. Even with all this modern technology we constantly still feel unsupported and alienated, especially when we need something unexpected and feel helpless.

Who can you trust when it comes to your kids? Of course, the first thing that pops in our mind is our family and closest friends. For that reason we recommend, Kumbaya an app that lets you tap into the circle of your most trusted people, to mutually exchange help with essential care tasks – effortlessly.

No more stress, anxiety, and fear

This kids care parenting platform allows you to access trusted contacts recommended by your friends & family at the touch of a button. No more stress, anxiety, and unnecessary fear – with Kumbaya, everything is going to be solved fast and with trust. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Get or provide help

Kumbaya will provide you with help from the people you trust the most. Just send request, state your need and be there for them when they need your help. Because of this reciprocity mindset, you won’t need to apologize for what you need.

You can also show your appreciation so everyone can see how awesome and helpful they are. Everything focuses around your main dashboard where you can create and see your circles, see your requests or your contact’s requests for you.

Download this app right away if you are a parent and get the information you need.