The difference between different Prank Call Apps

If you’re itching to make a prank call and have never done it before it’s essential to plan and practice beforehand so your prank call delivery is perfect. There is nothing worse than messing up trying to prank the same person multiple times.

Furthermore, if you don’t cover all your tracks, there is a good chance your Caller ID will be discovered. This can potentially involve the police resulting in too legal implications, namely for harassment. 

As the world has become digitized with more people owning smartphones than ever, the popularity of prank call apps has never been more popular. 

Prank Call Apps generally come in three forms, all with uniques features for different prank purposes. 

Pre-recording App

The first type of prank call app offers a wide variety of pre-recordings which are voiced by professional voice actors. Each recording has a different scenario provided so you can easily prank the same person over and over again.

The benefits given are that you don’t need to plan your own prank call as it is primarily done for you. This provides convenience and ensures you do it right the first time. 

These kinds of apps also provide security, as your identity will remain undiscovered. This is achieved by using your Wifi network instead of your phone company and the number will be shown as an ‘unknown number’.

So how does it work?

Generally, phone call prank apps are the same in how they work.

 It’s so easy, choose the pre-recording you want from the scenarios available, select the contact you wish to prank then make the call. 

You will be able to listen to the call while it’s on-going and it will then be recorded. Once saved, you can share with your friends or with the apps online community.  Daily phone call pranks are submitted, and the best user reactions are featured. 

App Recommendation

Our personal favourite is the ‘Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks’ app as we find the pre-recordings to be the most hilarious and original. 

This app has an outstanding feature called speech recognition technology. 

How SRT works is that it can recognize if and when a human response has been made and then respond accordingly all in real-time. 

The Ownage Pranks app is free to download and gives 3 free calls a day. 

Voice Changer App

If you want to prepare a script and do the prank calling yourself, then this is precisely the type of app you should download. 

This prank calling app doesn’t contain any pre-recordings, but it does enable you to change your voice.

A voice changer app will generally give you access to a variety of voices to choose from. Your change of voice will happen during the call, so it’s all done in real-time, making it more unpredictable but also that much more exciting. 

App Recommendation

Our app recommendation would have to go to the app Spoofcard. This app allows you to change your voice to a man or a woman, not only that but you can also add background noises so the call will be more convincing. 

Spoofcard also makes your security a priority as your caller ID will be hidden, this means you can call as many times as you like without being caught. 

It also has a unique voicemail feature where calls being made by you are sent directly to the person’s voicemail instead. This makes it appear the person receiving didn’t answer the phone call. 

 Fake Call App

Ever wanted to get out of a troublesome or awkward situation while giving a valid excuse? This type of app enables you to do that as you can schedule a fake phone call to contact you at any time of your choosing. 

A scheduled fake call doesn’t only need to be made for yourself, but also to other people. 

So how does it work? It’s easy, first set the name you want to schedule the call too, then set the phone number and picture you want for the fake call. 

App Recommendation

This app presents the very best that a Fake Call call app has to offer. Fake Call- Fake Caller ID is a fantastic app and will no doubt get you out of that awkward date you were probably pushed into. 

Not only does this app provides you with all the features mentioned above, but it also has an additional fake log feature. This allows you to set up a fake log with a missed phone call. Not only does it make your getaway more convincing but also gives you proof that someone (or something in this in this case) did indeed call. 

More features include:

-Arrange fake calls with a fake calling screen and voice

-Change or customize your ringtone once the fake call rings

-Change Caller ID image from images provided in the gallery

-Audio is recorded once the call is answered