OpenSpot Makes It Easy to Book Sports Venues in Doha

We all need to take a break from the digital world for a while and get outside to experience the real world and all it has to offer. Maybe you’re looking for things to do or maybe you’re just looking for ways to enhance the activities you already do recreation apps like the one we will introduce can make a big difference.  That’s why today we will cover an app that lets you book sports venues to play sports in Doha. We are talking about OpenSpot.

What is OpenSpot?

It’s a sports booking app for all of you sports enthusiasts who live in Doha, Qatar to improve the management of your sports activities with your friends and colleagues. It is perfect to arrange great sports playgrounds with just a couple clicks on your mobile screen.


Whether you’re interested in finding some swimming pools, football or basketball terrain, badminton, tennis venue & fields, etc. than with app like OpenSpot will make a miracle in this context. The app shows the available playground and sport terrains in your local area.

You can make research and view images, videos, and descriptions on your app to see the perfect playground for your taste. As a user of OpenSpot you can make direct booking and payment from the app.

The OpenSpot is still not available, but soon it will be for Play Store and App Store users. So, stay tuned because this app is a great source of fun and sports activities!

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