Words of Mystery is a New Word Search Puzzle with An Exciting Storyline

Words games are enjoyable because they are simple. There are a variety of word games. You can find words within a massive jumble of letters, unscramble anagrams, or fill in crossword puzzles.

You can find all of those experiences along with some rather unique ones on mobile. There are quite a few options. However, many of them are copies of one another or don’t deliver a ton of actual content. We tried our best to sift through and find the best new ones. One that caught our eye was Words of Mystery.

Words of Mystery – General Introduction

This iOS & Android word search crossword puzzle game is based on a fun story. You have just found a journal and you need to continue and follow the journal. It will take you to ancient temples one by one in different countries. In each temple there are 5 statues/artifacts, and you have to solve 6 puzzles to get to the next artifact.

The whole experience is like an adventure, which we absolutely loved. As you progress through the levels, you will love the ambience. There are more than 500 levels, each coming harder and harder. Additionally, you can also learn about the various statues and artifacts the game gives you, besides expanding your vocabulary.

Try this word search puzzle for free, we are sure you will love it if you love word games.