Samsung May Introduce Galaxy Fold 2 in February 2020

In late February 2019, Samsung unveiled the design of Galaxy Fold with shipments starting in April. But the actual release date was delayed until September, due to various hardware issues. It took months for Samsung to fine tune the design. As it turns out, Samsung was also working on a different foldable smartphone design the entire time. The new concept folds vertically and it has a punch hole, instead of a notch. Samsung hasn’t confirmed any name, but it’s probably the codename Bloom, which will be called the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung says that these images are only for illustration purpose and the actual design could subject to change.

Even so, the actual device shouldn’t stray away too far from the current presented design. As an example, the Fold 2 could work like a traditional clamshell mobile phone. Samsung hasn’t revealed the dimension of the device’s OLED display, but it’s either a 6.7-inch screen or a bigger 8.1-inch panel. Paired with ultra-thin glass, the Fold 2 could be more durable. For improved durability, the Fold 2 may include an upgraded hinge mechanism that could close the phone securely. It should also maintain 90-degree angle, so the bottom and top parts of the display could be used separately.

The Galaxy Fold 2 design doesn’t seem to include a camera bump, so Samsung may haven’t made a decision about what sort of rear-facing camera setup that it will use. However, we could be more certain about its internal specifications. The next generation Fold 2 will be a premium device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage. The device will ship with One UI version 2.1 on top of Android 10 operating system. Another standard feature will be the high-speed 5G data connectivity. The two separate batteries inside the device will be combined with 45W fast charging feature.

While the upgraded original Galaxy Fold is currently available in limited quantities for select markets, the second generation Fold will have higher production rate and it will be sold worldwide. It’s expected that the release date of Fold 2 will take place in April 2020 and the official introduction will be in February. The new device could be significantly cheaper than the original Fold, which is priced at nearly $2,000. Samsung is betting heavily on its new foldable line and planning to sell six million units of Folds next year.