Recover Deleted Files from Trash on Mac

If you own a Mac computer you’re used to deleting files and emptying the trash of files that you no longer want. However, there are times when you’ve accidentally delete things and then you realize that it’s something important. I seem to always get caught out by this and delete files that are very important. Yes, you might say if it’s important then you would keep it safe, however, we are only human and accidents do happen. Luckily there is data recovery software that allows you to recover deleted files on macOS Catalina.

Deleting files from your Mac sometimes means that they are no longer visible to the operating system but might be intact for recovery. Newer versions of macOS have the feature of automatically emptying files from the trash after 30 days. Even if this happens the recovery software tools scan your hard drive for these files and give you the option to potentially get the important things back. There are a number of recovery tools available but one of the best is Disk Drill.

Disk Drill is a powerful and useful software that you don’t necessarily need to have before-hand but can install after you find yourself in that dreaded situation where you need to recover your files.

There are some easy steps to take to help you recover your files. If you ever get to that point where you find you need to recover some very important files, then the steps below should sort things out.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files

1. Download and install Disk Drill

It’s best to install the software on an external drive or USB stick.

2. Launch the application

Simple plug the external drive or USB you installed the program on and start your application.

3. Hit the Recover button

The scan starts and you will be able to see the files that you are able to recover. You can filter the scan type so it’s more specific.

4. Preview the recovery files

View the files that the software has located an decide if you want them recovered. Disk Drill also has a deep scan option that is more in-depth.

5. Select the files you wish to recover

You now have the option to choose where you want the files recovered.

6. A second click of the Recovery button to confirm

Clicking the recovery button for a second time performs the actual file recovery.

There is not much to it and if you feel that losing your important files feels like the end of the world then you know that you have software that will recover software from an emptied trash. So don’t stress yourself, just know that you have options.