Apple iPhone 12 to Include 120Hz Display

The iPhone 12 Release

After the release of the iPhone 11 series in September, people are shifting their focus on the new-generation release, the upcoming iPhone 12. Rumors and leaks have started to pour in. One of the most interesting details is that the iPhone 12 will have an improved display that could enhance the experience of users. It is quite possible that the iPhone will make use of ProMotion OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This should be the first time for an iPhone model to have a display with a very fast refresh rate. This feature should be available for the basic iPhone 12 model and its more capable versions, although we don’t know whether they will still be called iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

The ProMotion display first appeared back in 2017 on the iPad Pro and there have been rumors that the display will eventually make its way into iPhone series. However, subsequent iPhone models stick with the standard display with a 60Hz refresh rate. This should make the iPhone 12 even more enjoyable for gaming, especially if the game reaches more than 60fps. This is a perfect possibility because the upcoming A14 processor will be the fastest mobile chip with its 5nm manufacturing process. Swipes, screen navigation, and interactive operations should be even more enjoyable as well. At the moment, smartphones with 120Hz display are quite rare. Asus ROG II and Razer Phone 2 are the only models with this kind of display, along with their powerful processor and focus on gaming.

Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL and OnePlus 7T already have 90Hz display, while the latest iPhone models, the regular iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max still have the regular 60Hz display. It means that if a game could be rendered at more than 60fps by the powerful A13 Bionic chipset, users won’t see any difference. We are often told that any latest iPhone model is the most sophisticated in the market, but iPhone often doesn’t include the latest technologies in the market, while competing for flagship Android devices already offer them. A good example is that all iPhone 11 models still don’t have high-speed 5G data connectivity. It’s not clear whether Apple’s next affordable smartphone, the iPhone SE2 will have the same 120Hz display. But considering its low-cost designation, it should still have the standard 60Hz display. Dan Ives, an analyst from Wedbush, said that the iPhone 12 will ship with 3D sensing system on the rear.