Tag-a-Moment is a Stunning Camera & Photo Organizer with Voice Features

There are a lot of applications out there to make your life easier and increase your productivity. Many apps look very similar at first glance. However, the small differences guarantee that there is a perfect fit for you. You just have to find it. Especially when it comes to the photos on your iPhone & iPad.

Tag-A-Moment: The ultimate camera organizer for maximum productivity

Today we gladly want to introduce you to a photo camera organizer that surely is worthy of some attention if you are seeking an app that will help you organize your photos, videos or important pictures from your work. Check out the Tag-a-Moment, a productivity tool and camera organizer that lets you organize photos by voice or keyboard.

Intuitive & Neat Gallery Camera Organizer

First of all, we must emphasize the app is one of the rare gallery organizers which works by voice command. This makes the organizer app so cool and interesting to work with. And of course it is faster to organize your gallery.

So with Tag-A-Moment you can save the pictures in the moment when taking them and make them easily searchable with additional hashtags or short tags. You can also create collections related to a place, project or other purpose, and add any photo to them.

Tag-a-Moment could be a great tool for your creativity, idea-making and photo organization. So, if you are using your iPhone camera far too often, we suggest to make it a part of your apps collection.

It’s available for free downloading at App Store so check it out right now!