How AI changed the mobile app development!

In extremely competitive IT industry AI is playing a very vital role. Earlier, the development was at peak but revolution took place after the AI. Android users love to do different things to spend relaxing time nowadays. To enjoy and have fun everyone is looking forward to explore different ways. So, it is the responsibility of the developer to recognize the needs of the user and then changing in mobile apps used for streaming for entertainment. There are many ways in which the change could take place. But, before that, some new technology like AI needs to be introduced to the employees. Until or unless the employees are aware of the development techniques they would not be able to learn and develop accordingly.

Here, we are going to discuss various things related to the same.

What exactly AI means?

Artificial Intelligence is the one technology which is being used in various ways like streaming for entertainment to produce the best results. This is helping us to develop new ideas using technology. It is a technology which is aiming towards the usage of technology for accelerating the speed of the work.

AI is taking app revolution to heights:

Yes, because of using the different technologies and after the introduction of the AI in the IT the app revolution has taken place.  AI technology is very helpful in increasing the value of Android apps. It can help in many ways and some of them are mentioned below:

  • It helps to drive the information of a particular Android app very easily to the user. User can get any information about anything with the help of artificial intelligence in very less time.
  • Earlier the streaming for entertainment android apps is facing some pattern issues which are been resolved after the insertion of these AI Technologies.
  • Even for the Android app, it is very easy to analyze the data of the user. It becomes easy to recognize which user is authentic and who is not. Authentication always helps in forwarding the right information to the right person.
  • Even the insights of the user could be retained very privately. The data will not be leaked at any cost.
  • Even the personalization provided is very high to a user. Earlier the personalization was not possible but now it is very easy to give space to a user on Android apps to use it freely.

How AI is responsible for transforming the marketing experience of an Android app?

  • Earlier if the app gets launched it is very difficult to reach people and let them know the qualities of it. But now it is very easy to reach the people through Android apps after the insertion of AI Technology.
  • There are a lot of marketing mediums present in the market to represent the app in front of potential users.
  • This is the best advantage of AI Technology as it is helping to get more potential users for an app.

Why industries are using AI Technology in android app?

The industries are using AI technology to improve the search experience of a user. When a user wants to search for anything on an Android app it is very easy to search and get the answer. Even the technology is so advanced that you can just speak what you want to see and the Android app will show it on the screen.

AI Technology helps in forecasting the future demands depending upon the current features. Even the developers are now showing a different kind of images and the visual contents which are attracting the user.

A report on Amazon Alexa!

The best use of AI Technology is one can see with the help of Amazon Alexa device. Alexa is a kind of small electronic device. The user needs to say whatever they want to listen on that small Bluetooth and it will eventually search it and play it. The maximum numbers of people who are using Alexa are music lovers as there is no need to search for particular music when you want to listen. You can just easily speak the name of the song along with its album and Alexa will play it. You just need to say “Alexa and the specific song with its album name” and Alexa will find it from the Amazon Prime.

Other statics of AI:

  1. The statics show that after the launching of Alexa different industries are using artificial intelligence for different use.
  2. If we talk about the hospitality industry there are many things which are being operated by artificial intelligence.
  3. The door locks and the automatic lock system through mobile apps are very famous in abroad. You just need to show your key card from your Android mobile app of a particular organization and the door will get open.
  4. So we can see that every developing Industry using artificial intelligence is there key ingredient for success. As the customers are willing to get all the things instantly without any delay so artificial intelligence is helping in doing the same.
  5. Other industries are using android apps to reach customers. The data shows that there is a growth of 60% in the usage of android apps in the past few years. This all is after when the developer starts using AI to increase the value of android apps.


So we can say that AI technology changes mobile apps a lot and have developed them for a good reason. Now it is very easy to use Android apps and explores new things. Those things which are earlier not available on the Internet are available because of these Android apps. These Android apps are helping a lot to the developers to develop a new and unique version of an android device. You can search for several android apps as per your choice for streaming for entertainment. There is no need to worry about any information as everything is available in fractions of seconds on Google.