NeuraBoot: The Mood Support App

Mental health care seemed to be one of the most talked-about things these days. Due to our massive busy schedule and sometimes hectic life, our stress level builds up and we tend to have serious mood swings. Looking after oneself seems to be placed to the side. Self-care has fallen to the wayside. Your willingness to change is important and with a little help, you can better yourself and live a positive life.

NeuraBoot is the perfect app to help boost your energy and awareness strength to create a great and positive mood. You can track your mood daily, action steps to help you work through a rough patch, practice actions to help you cope and much more. NeuraBoot. The app allows you to build a support network with family and friends so they can give you full attention when you need it. You can alert your support network through the app when you feel lonely. “The app responds to negative emotional states by suggesting fun, easy action steps that will help them feel better fast.”

NeuraBoot is a fun and useful app that allows you to find a better place when in a sad or depressing mood. With the app, you will have a much better understanding of your feelings and emotions. The included support system is probably one of the best part of the app. The ability to notify a close friend or family member that you need support is a great bonus.

NeuraBoot is free to download but offer a subscription service of $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. The subscription service unlocks even more features so you can get on with improving your wellbeing.

Neuraboot is available to download on App Store.