XO Master is a Super-Fun Twist of the Classic Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe, noughts and crosses or XO is one of the most popular pencil & paper games worldwide. Since the introduction of mobile games, this popular game has been published from thousands of developers in numerous variations. Today we’ll cover XO Master – one of the best new variations of this classic game.

XO Master Intro

XO Master is a variation of the famous tic tac toe game in which you need to draw 5 in a row, instead of 3. The game is refined and features impressive HD graphics, responsive UI & easy controls, as well as numerous features that make it one of the best tic tac toe games currently.

Draw 5 in a Row

In your quest to draw 5 in a row on the big board, you can play offline or online. In offline mode you are playing by yourself vs the smart AI system of XO Master (it can get very tricky and difficult). If you are open to testing your tic tac toe skills, you may challenge friends or other players in multiplayer tic tac toe battles.

Depending on how it goes, you can also start chats and have fun with texting and emojis within the app. You can invite anyone for a battle and see how is the best. This makes the tic tac toe game super-fun.

So, if you are up for a xo game, XO Master is easily one of the best choices right now.