Price-Tracking Tools to Get The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is a big shopping event of the year and during that deals-packed weekend, you can find great deals on various tech items like smartphones, laptops and 4K smart TVs. It’s possible to grab these great deals online without pushing your way through the crowds or worrying that you will run out of stocks. Here are tracking sites that you may want to use:

CamelCamelCamel: This website tracks each item sold on Amazon and you will be given alerts when they reach a low price as you’ve specified. You will get an email, once the product reaches a price. CamelCamelCamel works only for Amazon, so you need to use different platforms to get good Black Friday deals on Best Buy, Walmart and others. Because Amazon offers plenty of deals during Black Friday, it’s a good tool to know when to buy.

Honey: Honey is a web browser extension that tracks your preferred items. When Honey discovers a deal, you will be alerted. However, unlike most price-tracking websites, Honey also check online shopping stores for codes that can save consumers even more money, when applied to their checkout total. Honey supports Amazing and many other online retailers. Add your wishlist in the Droplist section and these items will be tracked automatically.

Slickdeals: Slickdeals is an aggregator of best shopping deals around the Internet discovered by the community of its users. Based on keywords, the site will automatically send you alerts. Just type in the retailer’s name or the exact name of the product, then add it to your list. You will be notified when there’s a deal for this product.

PC Part Picker: It is useful for people who want to upgrade their PC or laptop on Black Friday. The daunting tasks of choosing so many computer components can be made easier by this service. PC Part Picker has a good price tracker feature with a detailed graph of prior and current price movements of a component. So, you see that the price going down, you may want to wait just a little while. During Black Friday, you can get information on deals for various computer parts as well.

ShopSavvy: ShopSavvy is a smartphone ass for getting the latest information about the best deals in various popular retailers. It comes with built-in barcode scanner to get prices of specific products in a store. This will help you immensely to get better deals as you are exploring the shelves in a big store.

Price Cruncher: It could be hard to figure out worthwhile deals during Black Friday. You can download the Price Cruncher app from Google Play store to look for the best deals out there. If you plan to buy something in bulk, the app will tell you the price per item, so you will know whether you are really saving money.