Playdae is a Great Platform for Parents to Find Play Dates for Their Kids

Technology can be an invaluable resource for organizing, documenting, and improving your life. Nowhere are these goals more important than when it comes to the health and happiness of your child. Today there are numerous parenting apps that can guide you through every aspect of being a parent. To help you sift through the massive amount of parenting apps out there, today we will speak about one of the best play date organizer apps – Playdae.

Basic Information

Playdae is an iOS & Android kids play date organizer platform with numerous features that make the organization easier.

Organize or Accept Play Dates

The sign-up process on Playdae is fairly simple and once you complete it fully, you’ll be able to host or accept playdates. Alternatively, you can use the search feature and find play dates ear you, or play dates that your friends and family are attending. The initial setting of the playdates are private. This means that only your friends can see them. However, you can make a play date semi private and allow your friends to bring their friends and family to the play dates.

We liked how the developers added another social aspect of the app – the ability to find and meet friends based on age and interest of the children. Additionally, Playdae tends to develop a trustful community, so you can help them by verifying other users and ensuring that the info on the profile matches the real person.

All in all, this is a great concept that parents can make great use of. It is free on both app stores, and further info can be found on the Playdae official website.