Samsung Galaxy S11 May Have a New Display Technology

Among Android devices, Samsung Galaxy S series usually has the best display technology available. The current Galaxy S10 has an amazing display for editing social media posts and watching high definition movies. But, it appears that the upcoming Galaxy S11 would be even better with its new display tech. In November 2019, Samsung has filed “SAMOLED” as its new trademark name. At the moment, we still don’t know about the exact features of SAMOLED display. The current Galaxy S10 uses the Dynamic AMOLED display and the Galaxy Note 9 with WQHD Super AMOLED display. It’s quite likely that SAMOLED is a new marketing term for the latest AMOLED technology and it may be used by the upcoming Galaxy S11. The letter S in SAMOLED could stand for something. The company that files the trademark is Samsung Display Co., a subsidiary of Samsung that makes display for TVs, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Samsung also sells its panels to other manufacturers, so there’s a possibility that devices from other companies will also have SAMOLED display. We could expect that the Galaxy S11 will arrive in February 2020. Today, news about the phone is already coming out thick and fast. It is rumoured that the Galaxy S11 will have a huge 6.7-inch display and some performance improvement, compared to the current Galaxy S10. It won’t be too surprising if the same SAMOLED display will be available for the Galaxy Fold 2. The popular leakster for Samsung devices and technologies, Ice Universe, says that the selfie camera will be accommodated within the central punch hole. As rumoured earlier, the Galaxy S11 may have a 108MP camera sensor with ISOCELL Bright HMX technology. This detail was discovered when XDA Developers examined the camera app of UI 2.0. With 108MP resolution, it means that the phone could produce an image with 12,000 x 9,000 resolution.

For better experience when watching high definition content and keeping the physical dimension manageable, the Galaxy S11 may sport a tall 20:9 display. From another rumor, we hear that the basic Galaxy S11 will have Black, Grey and Blue color options, while the Galaxy S11e will include Pink, Grey and Blue. Apparently the Galaxy S10 series isn’t yet fully released. An upcoming new model, the Galaxy S10 Lite will be available in Black, White and Blue. The Note 10 Lite would be offered in Black, Silver and Red colors.