Lottoriches is a Must-Have for Lotto Players

If you are a passionate player of lotteries like Mega Millionaire or Cash4Life, you know the hassle of managing tickets and checking if some of the numbers are winning. That’s why today we will cover an app that will be of great help in checking and managing lottery tickets. We are talking about Lottoriches.

Basic Introduction

Lottoriches is a simple android & iOS lottery ticket manager in which users can easily add tickets, and get informed about the winning numbers. It simplifies the way you manage and check your lottery tickets.

Intuitive & Versatile

From the main menu, you can easily add tickets by tapping. Then you can either write the numbers, tell them to the app via voice or scan the barcodes. Once you have successfully added your tickets, they are all neatly kept in the “My Tickets” subsection.

On the main dashboard, the app displays all the winning numbers in the current week and displays the new winning numbers very fast after they are officially published. Then it notifies and informs you if some of your tickets have winnings.

The app currently works for Powerball & Mega Millions & Cash4Life. And if you are in search of a new lucky spot to buy a lottery ticket from, the app can also inform you about nearby stores that sell lottery tickets. Try this free app on both the App Store or Google Play.