Faverity is a New Concept of Getting Opinions Involving Influencers

If you wanted to get opinions about outfits and other questions that may have puzzled you, previously you could’ve asked other users about opinions. However, an app that was recently launched for iOS & Android – Favertiy, involves stars, influencers, and idols into that community making things even more exciting.

Faverity Short Intro

Faverity is an iOS & Android opinions app in which you can ask questions about outfits and other questions that interest you. However, unlike the other opinion apps, Faverity enables you to get answers from real influencers and celebrities.

Features at a glance

Creating a profile is super easy and you can instantly start and get opinions, or give opinions. From the main dashboard you can scroll to see what others need opinion about. At the bottom, the basic features of the app allow you to search, comment or ask question. In your question, you can post photos and text. All pool results will then be sent to you privately.

Like we said you can also get a vote and opinion from a popular person, influencer or blogger. If you do so, you will get a special like/vote button which you can share with your friends. This creates additional excitement about things that matter to you.

If you are interested in getting opinions with one of the best social apps, get Faverity for free.