Skilli Cares Campaign Lets You Answer Questions, Win Cash, Fight Pancreatic Cancer

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. As a tribute to Alex Trebek, famed legendary quizmaster, and Jeopardy! Host, Skilli World developer Under The Tree has pledged to donate up to $100,000 to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. And you’ve got a part to play in this extraordinary act of munificence.

To help, all you need to do is download Skilli World. For every new user that registers a profile (using the promo code 4ALEX) and makes a deposit, Under The Tree will donate a cool $5.

And there’s something in it for you, too – beyond the satisfaction of a good deed, that is, and the pleasure of downloading an ace trivia app. If you register your account before December 15th, when the Skilli Cares campaign ends, you’ll automatically be entered into a $1000 prize draw.

The winner will be announced on Skilli World’s Instagram.

Just in case you haven’t yet encountered Skilli World, it’s a trivia app that focuses on making life easy and maximising your chances of winning a prize.

The app hosts a Daily Mastermind Tournament at 9.30 pm EST every day, with each question requiring a simple true or false answer. The prize pools can vary from $500 to a $1000, but since there are limits on the number of players the player-to-prize ratio is outstandingly favorable compared with other free quiz apps.

Each tournament comprises 15 questions. If you get one wrong, you’re out in the cold – though you can buy your way back in by parting with a SkillUP, an extra life that you earn by referring your friends.

It costs $5 to enter a Daily Mastermind Tournament, but Under The Tree lets, you have the first one on them, which is a pretty sweet deal given that registering in the next few weeks also enters you into a prize draw and makes a donation to a worthy cause.

Download Skilli World on iOS or Android for free right now.