New Motorola Razr Review

The long-time Motorola Razr series is returning to the market and its latest model could be the most unique foldable design available today.


One interesting design factor of the new Motorola Razr is that its display folds without itself. This eliminates the unsightly crease found on the Galaxy Fold. Thanks to the ingenious mechanism, everything is properly tucked in. The hinge feels reliable and robust with reassuring snap when closed. Although the Razr isn’t the most lightweight device in the market, you may have the impression that it is.



The new Motorola Razr isn’t a flagship model and it’s equipped with just Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It should be adequate for casual smartphone tasks and light gaming experience.



When you pop the lid, you’ll be greeted by 6.2-inch (2142 x 876) OLED screen inside, which feels great. There’s no tangible crease and it is perfectly flat. It could be hard to tell whether the device could actually fold. Being an OLED-based panel, the display has great contrast and vibrancy. Unfortunately, the external 2.7-inch (800 x 600) display is fingerprint magnet, but it is convenient to use. It quickly shows you incoming notifications and you can interact with any kind of app.



There’s nothing unusual with cameras of the new Motorola Razr. On the back, there’s a solitary 16Mp camera with f/1.7 aperture. There are no zoom and ultra-wide lens. The 5Mp front-facing camera is useful for basic social media purposes.



The interface of the Motorola Razr is based on the Android Pie with retro UI theme, that throw you back a decade in the past. You get the classic Moto keyboard design. There’s the T9 text input and virtual D-pad to navigate the interface.



For all intents and purposes, the hardware specs of the new Motorola Razr are an irrelevant aspect. If you don’t know what the phone is all about, you will quickly skip the device for its rather mediocre hardware details. However, the phone is intended for people who want to get the device not for the hardware specs alone. Due to optimizations of the interface, the new Motorola Razr is still quite snappy and capable. There’s no arguing that that the new Razr is too expensive for its specs. However, the device isn’t meant to compete against the latest flagships. It is intended to appeal to former Motorola Razr users who want to re-experience their old Razr devices in a much more polished form.