Taggery is a New Social App for iOS & Android

In times of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s no surprise social apps are so popular. We want our updates and we want them now! And social apps let you do it all on the go. However, in today’s article we have selected a different type of social app tool called Taggery that brings something fresh & new to social media.

What is Taggery?

Created in Germany, Taggery is a new social network on the app market which offers different tools to improve your online social activity and enhance your social media experience. This social network app gives you the chance to be part of the online stories of your friends or maybe some of your favorite influencers.

App’s Features

The main purpose is to offer the tools that could help its users to redesign the experience of posting pictures and videos. The app is super neat and beautifully designed – we can easily say it’s one of the best designed social apps at the moment.

Another cool feature about the Taggery is that also offers the chance to expand your reach by searching for hashtags and the Discover feature. All the videos that you can find are played automatically and if you want to pause some of it, just hold it with the finger on the screen. The app is constantly improving and the latest is in the domain of video compressing and upload and user interface improvements.

For more details about Taggery you can read it on the official website or for those interested in free downloading can visit the Play Store and App Store link that we have posted at the end of this article.

Google Play Download Link: Taggery

App Store Download Link: Taggery

Official Website: https://www.taggery.de/