MomentMD Connects You with Certified Doctors & Vets to Get Advice, Diagnosis and Tips Online

In case when you need medical advice or tips, you often go online to read blog posts usually written by writers who are no doctors at all. Wouldn’t be better if you can connect with real doctors from your smartphone and ask for help and advice? Well, the app that will cover today – MomentMD enables you just that and much more!

MomentMD Introduction

MomentMD is an iOS & Android medical app that enables you to connect with veterinarians and certified local doctors and physicians on various health-related conditions. Unlike similar apps, the app enhances your communication with a doctor or veterinarian by enabling you to view and upload medical records, make appointments and more.

Easy to Use & Trustworthy

Once you make a profile on MomentMD you can start exploring the app for what you need. You can search by keyword or see what are the best physicians nearby (if you want you can connect with your specific doctor too).

All of the profiles of the doctors and vets on MomentMD are vetted and contain vital information like health conditions that doctor specializes in, career achievements, experience, photos and more. Once you start a chat you can message or video call within the app. Additionally, you can use the app for e-prescribing, viewing of medical records and medical history, as well as to upload information like blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and more.

The app includes US-based healthcare professionals: Primary care physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, dermatologists, veterinarians, and many more. So no matter your condition and need, you are sure to find the help you need.

Try and download the app for free on both App Store & Google Play.