Great Gadgets for Christmas

Christmas is the time for the whole family to purchase gifts or update their gadgets. There are many excellent gadgets at relatively affordable pricing this holiday season. We are lover of gadgets and do like sharing what we have purchased previously. If you are planning to purchase new gadgets this month, here’s our guide to the best gadgets this holiday season:

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones: It is one of the best wireless headphones for the year thanks to the excellent sound quality and great comfort. It could connect easily with any Bluetooth capable devices, like smartphones or handheld gaming consoles. When its battery is depleted, the headphone could still be usable by plugging into the 3.5mm cord. Tribit XFree Tune is available on Amazon for $40. They are also available in a nice subtle pink for people who love that color.

Anker Bluetooth Earbuds: If you prefer wearing earbuds, instead of headphones, then Anker Bluetooth should be a great pair for working out and casual listening. It’s compact with a 10-hour battery life. They are not as impressive as Apple AirPods, but quite affordable for just $26 on Amazon.

Anker PowerCore PD External Battery: It’s a great gadget for people who want to charge faster. It could charge your smartphone, tablet or Switch using the regular USB-C cable.

Anker Wireless Charger: For a totally wireless lifestyle, you should consider getting the Anker Wireless Charger. It has a stand that keeps the phone charged, while placed upright, so it’s still usable for checking email or social media notifications. It’s quite affordable for just $30 on Amazon.

Amazon Echo Flex: It’s a fun gadget that’s available for only $25 this holiday season. The Echo Flex is mostly similar to the regular Echo, except for the small speaker that’s adequate for listening to audiobooks and news updates, as well as asking questions to Alexa. You could purchase Echo Flex with an extra motion sensor module for $32, so it will start playing news, notifications or music when you walk into the room. There’s also an optional night light module that glows in the dark.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Nintendo Switch isn’t only for kids and it’s also a great gadget for adults. The Switch Lite is less capable than the regular Switch and it can’t connect to the TV. But for just $199, the Switch Lite is very portable and support many exciting games. It also has backward compatibility with old Super Nintendo and Nintendo games. The massive classic Nintendo games library is available for $3.99 per month.