Cleaner For Android :Phone Booster & RAM Optimiser

Anything can change because the smartphone revolution is still in early stages” ~ Tim Cook

Yes, it’s just the beginning…

In this post, we will be majorly talking about smartphones and what all measures we can take to keep it in an optimum running state for the long run. We do share an inseparable bond with our smartphones, right? So, as smartphones happen to be one of our most loved gadgets, it’s our duty to keep it secure and as good as new to enjoy a seamless experience of using this device.

Our phones are in a tip-top state in the initial days of its purchase but over time and excessive usage, our phone’s performance is degraded due to a variety of reasons. And no matter how hard we try, we still fail to figure out how to boost our smartphone’s performance and how to bring back its lost glory.

Well, one of the most simple measures that you can take to optimize your smartphone’s performance is by using Cleaner for Android app.

Let’s explore all the useful features offered by this nifty app that can boost your smartphone’s performance and make it as good as new within a few minutes.

Cleaner for Android: Phone Booster and RAM Optimizer

Cleaner for Android is one the most reliable, useful and a must-have application for your Android phone. The app is specifically designed to boost your phone’s performance to enhance its overall performance in a few taps. Cleaner for Android app comes power-packed with a variety of useful features which include cleaning junk files, optimizing battery performance, deleting duplicate files, removing junk files, RAM optimizing and more.

Let’s take a quick tour of all the useful features offered by Cleaner for Android app.

RAM Booster

Is your smartphone performing annoyingly slow lately? Don’t worry! You can now boost your phone’s RAM in just one click by using Cleaner for the Android app. This app allows you to boost your phone’s RAM to improve the overall performance of your device.

Removes Junk Files

One of the most common reasons why your phone’s performance starts degrading is due to the presence of junk files. Over time and prolonged usage, a bunch of junk files ends up in your phone’s storage. With the help of Cleaner for Android app, you can instantly get rid of all the junk files stored on your device and recover a huge amount of storage space.

Optimize Battery Performance

Just like the heart is to humans, the battery is for a smartphone. One of the most unique features offered by the Cleaner for Android app is the “Battery Saver”. The Battery saver feature of the app is used for terminating background applications that drain a huge amount of battery without your knowledge. So, this app not only boosts your phone’s performance but also allows you to extend the working hours of your device’s battery.

Game Speed UP

Do you use your smartphone to fulfill your gaming fantasies? Well, if that’s the case then you will be amazed to use the Game Speed UP feature of Cleaner for Android app. The Game Speed UP turns your device into a dedicated gaming platform while terminating all the background apps and by sourcing all the RAM to the game app which you’re currently using.

Removes Duplicate Files

Yes, this is another useful feature offered by this nifty app. Rather than wasting all your time and efforts in manually hunting down duplicate files stored on your device, you can use the Cleaner for Android app instead to get the job done in a single tap. Cleaner for Android app scans your entire phone to look for identical files based on the file’s name, content, and type. Once all the duplicate files are listed on the app, you can easily move them to trash and optimize your phone’s performance.


Just as the name says, the Hibernate feature of this app can be used to put your Android phone in a low power state. All the unused apps which have not become active in a while will be hibernated during the period.

WhatsApp Module

One of the major highlights of the Cleaner for Android app is the WhatsApp Module. In this module, you can access all of your WhatsApp data including pictures, videos, audio files, and all WhatsApp’s data in one place so that you can decide whether you want to get rid of it or keep it stored.


Yes, we do believe that there are a variety of phone booster apps available online. But when it comes to picking the best from the rest, choosing Cleaner for Android app will be one of the best decisions you ever made. So, after discussing all the minute details of this nifty phone booster application, it’s a thumbs up from our recommendation.

Download Now and boost your smartphone’s performance in the most effective way!