Wordoftravel is a Must-Have App for All Your Travels

How do you decide where to travel? Where do you research destinations? How do you find good deals on flights and accommodations? How do you find your way around a place once you arrive? The best travel apps answer all these questions, and one of the very best new apps is wordoftravel.

Wordoftravel – Basic Introduction

Wordoftravel is an iOS & Android travel app in which you can find or share tips, read blogs, follow bloggers, find and connect with travel buddies and more. The app offers you to search useful content for upcoming travel destinations and plan your trips in a smarter way.

How Can You Make Use of It?

Wordoftravel is designed so you can plan your trip better. So, first, you can type the name of the city or place you plan to visit, and then the app will suggest the best blogs and tips. Each blog has its own author. If you like the content from a certain blogger you can follow him/her and get the content in your news feed.

Within the app, you can also plan your trip, create lists and add travel buddies so you can ask tips or plan a trip together. Alternatively, if you want, you can also share handy tips with the community and help other fellow travelers.

The content you like can be downloaded on your phone for later viewing and you can favorite any of the blogs to read later on.

All these handy tools are making wordoftravel a must-have for your upcoming traveling adventures. The app is free and available on the App Store & Google Play.


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