MMORPG Black Desert Mobile is Launched Globally for Android and iOS

After months of continuous testing in select countries, Pearl Abyss’ ambitious MMORPG, the Black Desert Mobile is finally available globally for iOS and Android users. The game started way back in 2015 on PC and its mobile version has been optimized for smaller displays, while still retaining the stunning graphics. Players can choose from five different classes, Warrior, Giant, Ranger, Valkyrie and Witch. Then, they could start embarking on quests or participating in multiplayer content like PvP modes or Ramoness Arena. Character developments in Black Desert Online revolve around Life Skills that can be improved by doing daily chores, like gathering, crafting, trading and fishing. Players can also play offline in Black Spirit Mode to gain rewards and experience for up to 3 hours at a time.

Today, Black Desert has more than 20 million users on mobile, consoles and PC. Since 2015, the game has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for Pearl Abyss. So, the global version will add more cash to the coffers, because it is easy to do in-game purchases through smartphones. The South Korean company, Pearl Abyss announced that there are more than 4.5 million users who have pre-registered for the global launch of the Black Desert Online. The game was first launched in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and followed by soft-launch in seven more countries.

For anyone who has played the beta of Black Desert Online, the graphics quality should be quite impressive. On mobile, the engine of Pearl Abyss is as good as the one found on PC and console versions. After you choose a character, you will immediately enter the world. You can travel through the expansive map automatically by just tapping on the touchscreen button. Unless combat interrupts the trip, your character will reach the destination. Black Desert Online Mobile is very straightforward to play and that’s the reason for its success as a MMORPG on mobile devices.

Black Desert Online Mobile also focuses on social factors and players can participate in collaborative combats in Conquest War and Node War to win take down World Bosses or win unique loots as a team. The game currently supports various languages, including English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Indonesian and Thai. Portuguese would be added in 2020.