Apple Releases iOS 13.3 Update

There are many good reasons why iPhone users should get the latest iOS update for their phones. The new iOS 13.3 update brings some additional functionality. As an example, parents can have more control of their child’s iPhone when Message or FaceTime is used. There are various bug fixes too. As an example, the iOS 13.3 fixes the display blocking loop glitch, when someone locks you out of your iPhone. The iOS 13.3 update comes nearly two months after the iOS 13.2 is rolled out and weeks after the roll out of the iOS 13.2.3.

Since its original release on September 19, 2019, the iOS 13 has been plagued by various issues, like connectivity problems, shut downs of background tasks, random crashes of apps and a slew of other problems. These teething problems were then fixed by iOS 13.1, which was released a week later. Now, the iOS 13.3 also comes with a truckload of additional bug fixes. As an example, it addresses an issue that prevents Qi wireless chargers from working on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, CS, CS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The bug prevents the wireless charger from topping up the iPhone’s battery at full speed.

In its release notes, Apple says that there’s an issue about wireless chargers that charge the iPhone more slowly than expected. The iOS 13.3 also fixes an Apple Mail bug that prevents users from downloading new messages. There are also fixes for blurry screenshots when sent via Messages, cursor that won’t move when user long presses the space bar on the onscreen keyboard, using Markup or doing cropping won’t save screenshots to Photo, Voice Memos recordings can’t be shared with other apps and missed call badge won’t appear on the Phone App.

As mentioned above, the iOS 13.3 should be a very welcome present to parents who want stricter parental controls. Now, parents can limit access to specific contacts, so children can’t make FaceTime calls to their buddies late into the night from the bedrooms. This restriction also applies to regular voice calls and Apple Message app. However, it still can’t control third-party messaging or video call apps, like Whatsapp. To get your iPhone updated to iOS 13.3, go to Settings> General> Software Update and see whether the update is already available.