The best Tech for Christmas

As the year 2019 is comes to an end, it’s time to review your tech portfolio. If there are a few gadgets that you haven’t bought, then it’s the opportunity to purchase them. There are many deals and discounts, so you can get these devices cheaper than before. You still have time to get some presents for Christmas. Here are a few things that you should buy:

Apple Airpods Pro (£158): Since the release of AirPods in 2016, users have been looking for noise cancellation. The AirPods Pro is a new design with good cancellation of background noise. There are sizes of AirPods Pro, so you can get the best fit for your investment.

Sonos Move (£345): Sonos speakers are among the best entertainment speakers in the market, but there’s one big problem, they are not portable. You can connect wirelessly with Sonos Move with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay 2.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (£1149): Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the fastest smartphone in the market with a very powerful Bionic A13 processor, long battery life and excellent camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (£829): Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is among the best Android smartphones in the market with a long list of capabilities and features. Its S-Pen is comfortable to use for business professionals, students, designers, and artists.

DJI Mavic Mini (£369): Dji Mavic is a popular series of drones for personal uses. The Mavic Mini is a great gift for beginners and it’s designed with small form factor, with 30 minutes of battery life and range of around 4km. With its $399 pricing, it should be a great deal, considering the good design and capabilities.

Fossil Hybrid HR Smartwatch (£119): Although billed as a smartwatch, the Fossil Hybrid HR looks like a normal watch. With an energy-efficient display, it offers two weeks of battery life, so it’s ideal for travelers and busy professionals. Just like other smartwatches, you could also get essential information like weather, emails, and others.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (£34.99): Echo Dot with Clock is an affordable gift for this holiday season. It supports Amazon’s Alexa to get any information verbally. With its integrated clock, it could work as a digital table clock in your bedroom, although you can still ask Alexa for the current time and date.

Ring Indoor Cam (£85): If friends or relatives are planning for a winter vacation to a warm, tropical country, Ring Indoor Cam is great gift for them. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor uses. With at least 2Mbps of Internet connection through Wi-Fi at home, you can remotely observe your home from wherever you are.