Dubbed the Most Addictive Game of 2019, Solitaire Time Wrap is Available on App Store and Google Play


Solitaire has forever been one of my favorite games. I remember playing the card game on Windows 95 for hours without ever getting bored. The game has come a long way and due to its popularity there’s a little surprised it’s still around to this day. Albeit on different platforms and somewhat different styles. If you’re after some nostalgia or you’re new to the game then Solitaire Time Wrap on App Store and Google Play is the perfect app to get you hooked (in a good way that is).

Solitaire Time Wrap allows you to play all the classic Solitaire games such as Klondike, Golf, spider and more. Being a more modern type of Solitaire there are new and improved features and gameplay. The game takes you through a world of adventure in ancient cities such as Eygpt and China. The difficulty of each level increases as you play through which makes it even more fun. Players can go on a treasure hunt to gather special cards that help in passing through levels with ease. Solitaire Time Wrap consists of bonus games, daily and hourly bonuses, special quests, and tournaments against other players making Solitaire Time Warp hard to put down.

The game starts with a quick tutorial so players know just what to do. You progress through the levels and the amazing background scenery makes it even more fun to play. You time loop through portals and to get to the next one you just have to keep playing.


– Play card games in unique times and locations

– Klondike Solitaire

– Golf Solitaire

– Pyramid Solitaire

– Spider Solitaire

– Yukon Solitaire


– Different worlds to explore, each with its own art, music and style.

– Travel to Egypt, Atlantis, China and more.

– More levels and brand-new worlds coming soon!


– Stay alert as you face obstacles like locks, bombs and card eaters.

– Hunt for special cards like wilds and plus five cards.

– Use your streak meter to earn stars, extra coins and free plays.

– Easy gameplay with challenging obstacles creates a highly addictive experience!


– Bonus games to earn free plays and extra coins.

– Earn free coins with daily and hourly bonuses.


– Play through Facebook for easy gaming.

Solitaire Time Wrap is available on the App Store and Google Play for free.