Make Use of a 2 in 1 Whatsapp Tool with Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner

If you are messaging daily, there is a huge chance you use Whatsapp – the most downloaded messaging app for iOS & Android. That’s why today we will cover an app – Whatsapp Tool with Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner that enhances the daily messaging experience.


Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner is a whatsapp tool featuring two of the much-needed features for whatsapp – using this messaging app from multiple devices, as well as saving statuses of friends, family and any of your contacts.

How You Can Make Use Of It?

We loved how this app has a pretty straightforward UI. You can select between these two core features with ease. If you want to open chats, use double whatsapp or use whatsapp on web you can make use of the in-built QR scanning code feature. This will not only allow you to add and control more than 1 account, but you can also add your kids account for inspection and safety.

When it comes to saving statuses, you can easily do it, no matter if you need to save image statuses or video statuses.

The app is lightweight, straightforward, but more importantly it works. You may try it for free – It will improve your Whatsapp experience easily.