Plan Your Evenings Better with MyNyte

If you’ve ever planned an event for a small gathering, going out or dinner with your friends, you know how much time and effort goes into it.

Thankfully, technology has made it much easier to plan and manage events, no matter how large. Whether you’re just trying to pull off a seamless party event for your friends and family, or a dinner with your partner, you can take advantage of one of the best new event managing apps – MyNyte.

Basic Intro – MyNyte

MyNyte is a planner app in which you have tools to organize your going outs. From local restaurants recommendations to taxi booking and in-built chat, MyNyte makes it easy to plan fun social events with friends and family.

How Can You Make Use of It?

The idea of MyNyte is to help you use 1 app to plan the whole evening, instead of going from one to other app. So, MyNyte will let you find restaurants, scan through local offers, book taxis and chat with users within the app.

The UI of the app is simple and you can easily access all features at the bottom. You can additionally search places by name, follow restaurants and share any place to friends. The app currently works in UK only, with city of Bedford as one of the places with best offers.

If you are interested in this evening planner with great tools and local offers you can try it for free on both Google Play & App Store.