Slime Climb is a New Arcade Game That is Sure to Offer You Unique Excitement

A simple, yet addictive arcade game can offer great fun in your free time on mobile. Especially when commute time or traveling is in question. That’s why we often feature them on our site. This time we have a new arcader which is inspired by slimes – the sticky cool toys.

Slime Climb – General Intro

Slime Climb is an arcade game in which you play the role of a slime trying to go up. In an endless adventure, the slime can stick on cubes and walls trying to avoid the constantly rising water.

Super-Fun, Simple Controls & Cool Powerups

To control the slime characters, you need to drag down in order to jump up, and vice versa, you need to drag up to go down.

As you go up, try to collect diamonds, coins and chests. They all give you some advantages within the game – like buying boosters, different slime characters, and cubes.

When it comes to fun of play, we can rate this game pretty high. It has optimal speed, fun challenges, and that pressure from the rising water that adds excitement. With the boosters, you can get out of some hard situations, collect more coins with magnets, get extra sticks on the jumping wall and more!

If you want fast-paced, yet simple and fun mobile games, Slime Climbing is surely for you. It’s free currently for Android only.