MoneyBall – The Ultimate Brain Training App


It’s essential to exercise your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The same must be said for a healthy mind. Training your brain is just as important. There are different ways to keep your brain going fit and healthy. Your memory skills can be tested with the MoneyBall app available to download for iOS and Android. The app is filled with memory games and brain-puzzle to keep your mind in the best state possible.

To test your memory you must repeat a sequence of currency symbols exactly how it appears on your screen. You have to do this against the clock. Beat the clock and you are rewarded with chips, and the more chips you have then the higher you’re placed on the leaderboard and get your name displayed amongst the best players. The levels get more difficult and the sequence gets a lot more challenging the further you progress in the game. There’s real-time play to challenge friends or other users in head-to-head competitions or tournaments. You can also communicate with players using the messaging system to have a chat or arrange games.

Once you download the app you need to register for an account. When you’re logged in you can select from three options, individual play, head-to-head or tournament games. The head-to-head and tournament games require an unlock which costs $2.99. You can start playing in the individual play immediately. Level one starts with 3 currency symbols which you need to remember and match with 12 seconds. You then move to level 2 with four symbols, level 3 with five and so forth.

MoneyBall is free to download and play. It does offer a VIP membership at a cost of $2.99 as I mentioned above this unlocks the head-to-head and tournament gameplay. However, the individual gameplay is enough to keep you busy and offer some great challenges.

MoneyBall is intuitive with simple gameplay but absolutely challenging. The app is great for all ages and gives your brain a perfect workout whenever and wherever you are.

Download now for iOS and Android.