Football 3.0 for iOS is Sure to Make You A Better Player

If you play football (soccer), you probably know that there is a lot of room for improvement. Whether it’s your shooting, passing, skills, dribbles, with the right training you can improve your game. No matter if you are an amateur player or professional. That’s why today we will cover Football 3.0, a football training app that can help you improve as a player, physically, technically and mentally.

General Introduction

Football 3.0 is a football training app that features workouts, training, challenges, discussion boards, and performance tracking with a goal to improve you as a football player. Currently, it is available for iOS & Android.

How Can It Help You?

Football 3.0 features workouts based on your personal preferences, such as position and difficulty mode. Created by professional football players & coaches which includes training methods for mental focus too, Football 3.0 is innovative because it prepares 15-minute daily workouts.

These workouts are personalized and specified to help you improve the 6 attributes you need to improve in your game. Each workout has a video and difficulty level. And as you do the workouts you can track them. Just switch between My Program and My Overview to see how you are doing. We must say that the app looks amazing with the graphs in different colors for each attribute.

Alternatively, you can follow the challenges from Football 3.0 to get that extra motivation. The challenges are for all users and vary frequently. Other than that, you can also join the community, ask questions and get help with nutrition and meditation. Overall, this is an outstanding football training app that can be of amazing help for any amateur or professional player.