Samsung Will Release a Razr-Like Foldable Smartphone

Samsung may release a couple of foldable smartphone models in 2020 and one of them will have clamshell design, similar to the new Motorola Razr. The 2020 will be a quite busy year for Samsung and the South Korean company will launch many smartphone models across different budget segments. Up until now, we had heard that Samsung will unveil the more durable and faster successor to the original Fold in the Unpacked event in February. But, it is a good thing to know that it’s not the only one. The initial availability of the Razr-like model will be in South Korea and followed later in other major markets around the world.  It is suggested that when folded, the Razr-like device will be almost square-shaped with a 6.7-inch device.

At the moment, there’s still no detail about the internal components of the new device. However, there’s a hint that the pricing of the Razr-like device will a bit more affordable than the Galaxy Fold, which comes with the price tag of about $2,000. So, it is sensible to estimate that the new foldable device from Samsung will be sold at mid-$1,000 price range. Of course, we need to take this whole report with a pinch of salt. The real confirmation will only take place in February. As for the second Fold model, the device will have the model number SM-F700 and it will also be cheaper than the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This report came from Yonhap News Agency, a fairly reliable source for Samsung-related news. The South Korean media also mentioned that Samsung is aiming to sell six million foldable devices in 2020, but it’s easier to achieve that if the price point of two new foldable devices is far lower than $2,000. A good way is by using solid mid-range internal hardware, which is currently already sufficient for most mobile tasks. There are rumors that these devices will not be 5G capable, so you can only connect with 4G network. On the back, there will be only dual cameras, instead of four or five cameras used by current flagships.

Regardless of the design and hardware specs, Samsung must ensure that the display and the hinge mechanism will be very durable. What we could do right now is to keep an eye on the recent developments. Huawei will introduce the new foldable Mate Xs in February and it will be the main competitor for the next Fold model. It means, we could be hopeful that the Mate Xs will match the price point of Samsung’s two new foldable devices.