GRID Autosport Review

GRID Autosport is a big racing game in every sense that offers 100 circuits and 100 different types of cars. It’s a bit large for mobile game as well, because you need about 6GB of free internal storage. To get around the app size limitations for iOS devices, the game needs a special IAP. Beginners could immediately opt for the Quick Race to understand the control and game mechanics. Visually, the game appears quite spectacular and even on fastest smartphones, there could still be very occasional frame rate glitch. If you consider yourself as veteran in mobile racing games, you could set higher difficult level.

With its reasonable pricing of £9.99 and comprehensive features, the Grid Autosport is a keeper for racing lovers. You will see that it is not another throwaway title that you delete just an hour after you install it. All features and capabilities are available from start and you can delve immediately into the career mode. Despite being a premium racing title, there are still a few rooms for improvements. The dashboard of the cars has mediocre details and there are no rear-view mirrors. Due to intense hardware requirements, your device can be quite hot after 30 minutes of playing, so consider whether you should continue playing.

Grid Autosports brings console-like experience on your smartphone with its jaw-dropping execution. The price is quite affordable for many people and it’s a lot of fun for users. Twenty-six Android smartphone models are listed by the developer as the recommended devices. As an example, Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer and Pixel 2 or newer are included in the recommendation list. You need an initial 4GB of usable free space on Android. For iPhone or iPad owners, they need 12.1 iOS/iPadOS version and 3.9GB of free space. The game is playable for iPhone 7 or newer and iPad 2017 or newer. To prevent installation problems, you should have at least 6GB of internal storage.

In short, for £9.99, you can get a near console-quality gaming on your Android smartphone. The entire experience is fully premium. Game controls and the gameplay itself are well polished. As mentioned above, the dashboard details are quite blurry and there are no mirrors that aid you in the gameplay. AI drivers can be quite inconsistent and they could be improved with the next game updates. Because Grid Autosport is hardware intensive, you may see faster depletion of battery capacity.