App Review – Grounded


Like any habit or addiction, quitting weed can be hard. But there are many tools that can help, and your phone is one of them. Tons of apps are designed for this purpose which makes it hard to find an effective one that can help you out. We looked and discovered Grounded, great cannabis quitting app for anyone looking to quit weed or just take a break from it.


What is Grounded?

Grounded is a cannabis quitting app that is developed for the IOS platform, specially designed to help anyone that likes to quit weed or just to take a tolerance break from it. With a variety of tools and resources available on it and its simplicity, this app can help you transform your life. Suitable for people on all sides of the 420 spectra.


Why We Love It?

On this app are included various features to help you quit weed or just take a tolerance break. The health stats are including a list of withdrawal symptoms and the time needed for them to be gone. The section of the stats also allows you to track the time you need until your tolerance is completely reset.

To learn about the cravings you have, you can easily log your daily feelings on the app and count the time you’ve stayed away from weed. Keep track of the money you are saving from quitting cannabis and get rewards with achievements for the time amount you are able to keep yourself away from cannabis.

Download the app on App Store now for FREE and get help to quit cannabis or take a tolerance break!

App Store Download Link: Grounded