Keep your Photos and Videos Private With This App

Memories do have a way to the heart—indeed. And we’re all glad that our smartphone holds on to all our precious moments and knows all about our secrets. These tiny marvels carry our entire world, thousands of feelings, emotions in the form of pictures and videos, and secrets too (a lot more than your BFF knows about).

We’re certainly sure that you may have tons of pictures and videos stored in your phone’s gallery, right? Some memories must be worth sharing on social media with our friends and followers. But not all of these pictures and videos are meant for “public sharing”, isn’t it? There are some private pictures too or some embarrassing moments that you wish to keep to yourself.

Why Do You Need Keep Photos Secret App?

But to keep these private pictures and videos hidden from our snooping friends becomes a huge challenge. You surely don’t want anyone else to go through your personal collection of memories, right? So, what next? Well, all your worries end right here. With the help of Keep Photos Secret app, you can preserve all your personal pictures and videos by transferring them to a secure vault to which only you have access. No one can get access to your personal collection without knowing the password. Also, even if your device gets stolen (god forbid), nobody will be able to view your personal pictures and videos by any chance.

Key highlights of the Keep Photos Secret App:

So, let’s know all about Keep Photos Secret app, major highlights and features offered by this app to keep your personal photos and videos protected.

Top-notch Security

Keep Photos Secret understands all your needs, so it offers an authentic double layered protection to keep your memories secure. One, there’s a main app lock or password that is required to open the app. And secondly, for more protection, you can also set a unique password to individual albums as an added layer of protection. In this way, even if someone tries to crack the main app password, they will still be stuck and won’t be able to go through your personal photo albums.

Finger Print Lock

Password PINs are obvious to guess and especially by those who know you too well. And you sure don’t want to risk that, right? So, yes, no need to remember lengthy passcodes anymore. Keep Photos Safe also support the fingerprint lock feature which allows you to lock and unlock the app by using biometric authentication. This not just makes the app more secure but also offers an ease of convenience to operate and navigate through the app easily. (but yes, for this feature to support make sure your smartphone supports fingerprint lock functionality)

Safe and Secure

Trust takes years to build and seconds to get broken. So, when it comes to trust, you can rely on Keep Photos Secret app to keep your memories preserved. All the pictures, videos and data that you will share on this app will be kept 100% safe. Unlike other photo vault apps, Keep Photos Secret app does not upload any of your private data on the cloud which is a great sigh of relief.

Easy Passcode Recovery

Forgot your password? Wondering how to access your personal media collection now? Don’t worry! Keep Photos Secret app also offers easy password recovery options where you can recover your password via email and set up a new password for the app immediately.

Stealth Mode

And here comes one of the most unique features of this app! Keep Photos Secret also offers a Stealth mode option where this app will be hidden from your list of applications that are installed on your device. In this way, nobody will be able to track your personal pictures and videos, even if they make several attempts to break into your device.

Keep your Photo Collection Organized

We’re sure you must’ve got a huge collection of personal photos and videos stored on your phone, right? So, to keep your personal media collection well organized within the app, the app also offers an option where you can create new albums. This will help you to keep your pictures and video collection streamlined and organized.


So many useful features power-packed in one app, isn’t it? Keep Photos Secret, just as its name implies does a decent job in keeping your personal media collection safe and secure. One of the biggest reasons that add to the app’s reliability is the fact that none of your data is stored on cloud locations or any of the other data servers and remains intact in your phone’s memory. If you love your memories more than enough then Keep Photos Secret app is a must-have app for your smartphone.

All in all, a thumbs up from our side!

It is also available on iOS, Download Keep Photos Secret now to keep your personal media collection away from prying eyes.