Ragnarok Tactics SEA is Released

Ragnarok Tactics SEA is the latest game of the Ragnarok Online series. The new game is a mixture of tactical and idle gameplay with more than sixty familiar monsters from the Ragnarok universe. As a game with idle leveling system, users don’t need to log in to achieve certain things. It also has a treasure-hunting system to increase the strength and potentials of the player’s monsters. As summoners, players can battle one another in real-time. Ragnarok Tactics SEA is initially available for Android and not yet for iOS devices. For iOS owners, their only solution is to install Android emulators like Bluestacks or NOX on PC. There are many interesting components in the battle system, including the use of elemental factors and tiles.

When combat starts, the gameplay works like any mobile role-playing game with available skills to beat the opposing monsters. The graphics details use the familiar Ragnarok design, with various existing Ragnarok background music. You may join the official community of Ragnarok Tactics SEA on Facebook to get tips and important details. For people who grew up with the Ragnarok universe, this game should be an easy pick. The idle leveling system allows users to progress forward without tedious grinding. It is easier to achieve advancements. This would be a great delight for many mobile users who feel that many mobile games feel like work, instead of entertainment, that force users to grind a lot unless they agree to buy coins or gems with real money.

Unfortunately, some users reported that the Ragnarok Tactics SEA have occasional connection issues with servers, just like the previous game, Ragnarok Eternal Love M. Overall, it is an enjoyable game with cute characters and interface that younger audience would enjoy. As the game is still in its early version, users should expect to see some issues and glitches, such as typos. Future updates should fix more serious bugs and it may get performance updates as well, so the game would be more enjoyable to play. With its fresh gameplay, the Ragnarok Tactics SEA should be a title that’s worth looking into.