Flash: Full Screen Caller ID – App Review

Flash: Full Screen Caller ID, developed by Flash App LLC, is designed to make phone calls more exciting by adding pictures and videos. Whenever you call your friends or family, you can send videos and pictures, so you can share your experience to others. This app is also useful for business professionals who want to share scanned documents and video reports. As a video and photo messaging app, Flash works quite well in serving the needs of typical mobile users. When you make a call, the recipient can check your videos and photos. Before sending these photos, you can edit them to make them more appealing visually. Pictures can be turned into the caller ID, so the recipient will know about your intention as soon as you make the call. For better privacy, you may send a Hidden Flash and it will be deleted automatically to keep your information remains a secret. With Flash app, users may organize hangouts.

These hangout sessions can be kept confidential, because friend can share videos and photos in private using Hidden Flash. There’s no worry that the photo or videos will be leaked, because they will be erased automatically. Hidden Flash could contain videos or photos. They are also password-protected to prevent unauthorized access. These Hidden Flashes are time-limited, so users don’t need to delete them manually. Flash includes a built-in photo editor feature. Users can add captions, stickers and emoji to videos and pics, before sending them as Flash to friends and family. For better visuals, Flash includes filters and effects as well. Edited photos could be saved to your phone.

Messenger is the core feature of the Flash app. From here, users can send video and photo messages to friends. Recipients can reply with reactions to the incoming Flashes. Just like other messaging apps, users could also add emojis to improve communication experience. Live chat and group messaging make it easy to keep the conversation going. With Flash, it is not really necessary to make regular voice calls, because users already have a more complete and sophisticated way of communicating with others.

Flash: Full Screen Caller ID is available for iOS and Android. You can download it for free.