Echo Radio – Enjoy Online Music Tunes and Programs without Interruption 


Radio can give you company when you are driving or working out. Most of the smartphones come with a built-in FM radio app. Such apps can only play local FM stations. However, there are a lot of other admirable Android radio apps available for online radio streaming. We have to offer Echo Radio, the internet radio app with a variety of online radio stations and programs.


What is Echo Radio?

Echo Radio is an internet radio app that is developed on the IOS platform for users that like to listen to online radio on their mobile while enjoying a variety of online radio stations and programs from all around the world, without interruption. Without any registration, stream music instantly and catch up with popular and in-demand radio stations with great clarity.


App’s Features 

With Echo Radio you’ll get access to a wide variety of online radio stations as well with a video and lyrics auto-matching facility. For easy access at one go, select favorite radio stations to put in your favorites and easily access all the weekly top chart lists to create the best playlist for your musical taste. To easily and instantly access stations as well for playlists, set customized favorite radio stations.

You can listen through your smartphone’s loudspeakers or via Bluetooth for better-clarified output and set a timer so the app goes off after a stipulated time. Smooth to use and user-friendly, with this one-stop app listen to music from worldwide stations on your smartphone. 

Download the app for free on App Store to listen and enjoy worldwide radio stations and programs!

App Store Download Link: Echo Radio