Star Zone – Shoot to Defend Your Spaceship from the Enemies 

Shooting games are simple and yet addictive and challenging games you can play on your smartphone to test your aiming and shooting skills, getting scores for each precise shoot you make. Tons of these games are available for smartphones and to help choose a great one, we looked and found Star Zone, the exciting arcade shooter game. Read more about it.


General Introduction

Star Zone is created for IOS users as an exciting and fun to play sci-fi casual arcade shooter game. With sharp graphics and cool sound effects, you will be challenged as you try to defend your ship from the enemies, commanding it to victory. Test your reflexes against asteroids, fighters, frigates and more with this hard to master real-time space shooter game.


Game’s Features 

Easy to play, all you need to do to shoot is to tap anywhere on the screen. Tap on your ship if you want to activate the shield and try to pick any booster that is dropped by your enemy’s ship. To go further in the game and unlock even harder challenges, you need to complete missions.

As you progress, you get the chance to upgrade weapons and systems for your ship. Defeat different enemies by using different strategies, think and act fast. Play in real-time, compete with other players and try to rank high in the game’s online leader-boards as the ultimate arcade shooter.

Download the game on App Store for FREE and shoot to defend your spaceship from the enemies!

Official Website: Star Zone

App Store Download Link: Star Zone