Delerati – The Shopping Rewards App that Brings You Real Prizes 


We use our smartphones to have fun and kill some free time. However, this isn’t benefiting us in any way. So, why not use our smartphones and the apps available for them to make some extra money or rewards in our free time that we spend on our phones. Why not shop online and win rewards? We have the app for that, Delerati. Read to learn more about it.


General Introduction

More than a simple online shopping app, Delerati offers so much more for its users. This app allows you to shop online easily with complete safety and at the same time up your chances to win real cash prizes. Make a purchase and get a ticket for it to enter a lottery which is related to that campaign and earn raffle prizes. The rewards app will be soon available on the IOS platform.


Shopping categories, Rewards and More

A variety of shopping categories are available for you to explore on Delerati. Browse through categories such as clothing, watches, car shopping, electronic shopping, and others. Photos and info are given for each product. A unique set of tickets for the prize is created for each prize campaign to give you the best chance to win.

Through the Delerati’s lottery machine the prize is drawn when all the tickets are sold and it’s shown on the app’s social media channels. Join the VIP club to increase your winning chances while you shop exclusive products. Enjoy shopping online with the chance to win real rewards each time you buy something.

Download the app on App Store soon to shop and enter lotteries to win real cash rewards!

Official Website: Delerati