Mobile Applications Worth Downloading In 2020

With a number of high-tech mobile phones as well as applications on laptops, applications have become a major part of our lives. With apps for music, productivity,  and lifestyle to name a few, you can download apps that will help your phone to improve your life drastically. To help you out on which ones you should download, we have provided you with a list of mobile applications that are worth downloading onto your phone in 2020.


For those looking to live a calmer life in 2020, Calm is the app you need on your phone this year. With a number of meditation classes as well as music, sounds and video lessons to teach the mindful movement of gentle stretching, this app gives you everything you need to begin feeling happier. Though this app is free to download in the app store, there a number of modes as well as stories and daily streaks to encourage you to learn more and do the best that you can when it comes to mindfulness in 2020.


If you are someone who relies heavily on Google Maps but is looking for reliable traffic updates, you can do no better than Waze. With a community of users all updating the map on a regular basis, this is the perfect way to make your commute easier than ever. With real-time help from fellow drivers and an easy to use interface, this is by far one of the most useful apps on your phone. With a live update at all times and clear to follow directions, this is the perfect way to make every journey enjoyable.


Learning a new skill is something that many of us work towards on a daily basis and with Duolingo you have the power in your pocket. With a simple to use platform and classes that are enjoyable, you can up to 35 languages ranging from Kingon to Italian, Japanese and more. Though there is the option to choose premium without the ads, Duolingo is completely free, allowing you to enjoy learning a foreign language without having to pay a small fortune. In addition to this, there are a number of pictures as well as typing and sound prompts, making this perfect for adults and children to learn.

Last Pass

If you are someone that has a number of passwords for numerous accounts the LastPass is right for you. With simple password storage on your laptop, computer or phone, you will never have to change a password due to forgetting it again. This is great for businesses as this can store all your passwords in one secure location. In addition to this, there is also the option for a premium membership that will provide you with emergency access as well as priority tech support applications and 1GB encrypted file storage allowing you to store all your passwords with ease.


If you are someone who loves to gamble then you are in luck! A number of betting agencies and mobile casinos have now branched out with their own mobile applications. This makes gambling and playing your favourite games even easier. Simply sign in and set your deposit amount and you are good to go allowing you to play all your favourite games on your morning commute or even during your lunch break. You can even place a bet on a sporting event taking place that evening, the choice is up to you!


The final app that is ideal for anyone to have on their phone is Netflix. With the ability to download items and keep them for up to 2 weeks you can enjoy a film or Tv series on your daily commute or on your lunch break in the office without using all your data. This is great for anyone that travels long distance or is travelling a lot for work as you can enjoy all your favourites exactly where you left off at home allowing you to always find time for your favourite television shows.

Regardless of the phone that you have, there are a number of applications for you to choose from that will help you to relax and enjoy your downtime. Which of these applications will you be downloading first?