New Major Enhancements of PUBG Mobile in 2020

PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing game in 2019 and it will remain popular in 2020. Numerous e-sports tournaments have been held and we will get exciting new updates for this game. Here are major enhancements that avid PUBG Mobile players will get this year:

Drones: A YouTube video has emerged, showing a Chinese version of PUBG Mobile with drones as a new feature. Instead of chasing and killing the opposing players, drones will be used as observation, which is still a huge advantage, because tactics play an important part in this game.

Erangel 2.0: It is another highly expected addition of the game in 2020. Tencent Games has announced an enhanced version of Erangel, which is the basic and most popular map for all PUBG versions. It is expected that users will get better experienced and more detailed graphics.

Ban Pan: As a very popular game, many people are eager to seek an unfair advantage when playing to get more kills and achieve higher ranks. It is still a nagging issue and often causes poor experience for ordinary players. To address this problem, Tencent is developing a new security feature called Ban Pan. It is a good thing that the PUBG Mobile team is eager to take down hackers relentlessly.

Color Blind Mode: It’s a challenge for color blind people to play many mobile games because it is harder for them to distinguish fast-moving objects and characters. This feature was announced by Vincent Wang during the global finale of Fall Split of PMCO 2019 tournament. If implemented successfully, this feature should further expand the influence of PUBG Mobile.

90Hz/120Hz refresh rate: New flagship smartphone models are arriving with 90Hz or 120Hz, including the upcoming Galaxy S20 versions. At the moment, PUBG is still locked at 60fps to match the common displays today with a 60Hz refresh rate. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Apple’s Bionic A13 processor, it is possible to crank up the performance of PUBG Mobile to above 60fps, so a display with a higher refresh rate is needed.

New Team Death Match map: The Team Death Match (TDM) feature was introduced last year and it brings a lot of excitement for players who want to get quick fast-paced gameplay. According to rumors, the upcoming TDM will be based on the ice castle environment, which appeared in the last Winter Mode.