Card Stock – The Advanced Marketplace for Gift Cards

Gift cards are just about the next best thing to cash. If you are looking for a marketplace to buy the gift cards you want at great prices, sell gift cards for cash or even trade gift cards, we have to offer you Card Stock, the advanced and secure marketplace to buy and sell gift cards as safely as possible. Read to learn more about this gift card marketplace.


What is Card Stock?

With Card Stock, the advanced gift card marketplace app for IOS users you will be able to buy, sell and use gift cards as safely as possible. With over 500 merchants included you can find gift cards for sale or buy gift cards at a discount, enjoying an intuitive and easy to use interface on this secure platform or even earn cash by finding buyers for the gift cards you don’t need.


Why Do We Love It?

The app offers a variety of features for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer on the app, you can browse through the wide selection of gift cards to find the one you need and even save money with the many gift card deals. Cheap gift cards are also available from numerous categories and different prices.

As a seller, you will have the chance to earn money by selling gift cards to others. Upload your gift card with the details needed and get offers for it. In the wallet section, get a clear overview of your earn funds, trade gift cards and make money, and all the funds from your earnings will be transferred directly and securely to your account.

Download it now on the App Store for great gift card deals from many brands and categories!

Official Website: Card Stock

App Store Download Link: Card Stock