Hidden Survivor offers a unique blend of survival gameplay and hide-and-seek battles

Hidden Survivor for Android and iOS is a refreshingly unusual mix of hide-and-seek arena battles and almost visual novel-like storytelling from developer Joy Brick.

The game is split into two distinct parts: the hide-and-seek matches and life back at the ‘Sanctuary’. Both feed into one another in interesting, satisfying ways.

When out in the field, you’ll be tasked with collecting as many resources as possible. You’ll do this by exploring the map and hiding from the ‘Seeker’. This is a rival player who has returned back to human form for a limited time. Thankfully, you can disguise yourself as environmental objects in order to blend in. You’re going to have to think carefully about what disguise would work best in the area you currently find yourself in.

Win or lose, you’ll always return home to your Sanctuary, which is where you’ll find a number of friendly survivors. These guys need to be looked after if they’re going to survive. Each character has three meters to take care of: hunger, thirst, and spirit.

Survivors will die if any of these meters hits 0. If everyone dies, you’ll be booted back to day 1 and lose your food and materials. It’s in your best interest to interact with the characters and learn about their backstories if you want to stay on top of the game’s intriguing narrative.

Resources gathered during matches can be used to upgrade the Sanctuary’s facilities, including the bathhouse, bedroom, garden, and lounge.

If you’re the type to complain about mobile games being a little samey, Hidden Survivor might just be the hide-and-seek survival title for you. It’s a free-to-play game available now from the App Store.