iPhone Generations at a Glance

iphone generations

The iPhone is a modern Internet and multimedia connected smartphone created by Apple Inc. The journey began with the hand of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It’s impressive performance has won the hearts of people around the world in a short time. From the price point, the iPhone may seem like a very luxurious product, but availability of older versions ignited this passion in another level; for example, iPhone price in Bangladesh is very reasonable and popular among students. Also, Asian people are avoiding the price factor and preferring iPhone over another brand. And so the iPhone is still one of the best smartphone brands in the world. The journey of the iPhone is not too old. It was first released on January 9, but it was marketed on June 29. After launching the first version of the iPhone, their second generation ‘iPhone 3G’ was released on July 11, 2008. In every version of the iPhone, Apple has introduced different models to each and every new technology. So let’s find out what the models were like from the beginning to the end of the iPhone.

  1. iPhone: Former Apple Company CEO Steve Jobs Introduces the First iPhone to People in the World. The first iPhone was a 3.5-inch display; and it was used as an operating system with iOS 3.1.3 and non-removable battery with 2 megapixel camera. The processor of the phone was 412 MHz. The iPhone with 4GB of internal storage was priced at US $499. This is the first version of the iPhone that was released on January 9.
  2. iPhone 3G: Apple company launches the second version, the “iPhone 3G” on June 8, 2008. Internal storage is enhanced on this phone and 3G network and built-in GPS technology are used for connectivity. The iOS operating system was used on the phone with a 3.5-inch display. The processor of the phone was 812 MHz and the display resolution was 320 * 480 pixels, 2 megapixel camera with 128 MB RAM.
  3. iPhone 3Gs: This version of the iPhone was more powerful and faster than the previous two. It improves internal storage and is done up to 32GB. And it is used in a 600 MHz processor. RAM is used at 256 MB. And iOS 3 is used as the operating system. The price of that phone was $199.
  4. iPhone 4: This version of the iPhone was released on June, 2010. It was the world’s first smartphone with a high resolution display. It used operating system IOS 4. The phone came with a 5 megapixel camera. There was 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor in that iPhone. There was also a font camera that would make live video calls.
  5. iPhone 4s: iPhone 4s was first released in the market on 2011. This model of iPhone used up to 64 GB of internal storage. This model also had a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 640 * 960 pixels. For the first time, the iPhone uses a dual core processor. The RAM of this model was 512 MB. The back camera was 8 megapixel and front camera was VGA.
  6. iPhone 5: It was the first iPhone to be the first iPhone to have 4-inch display. It was made very thin. In 2012, the iPhone was introduced by Apple. The phone was used with iOS 6 operating system with l.3 GHz dual core processor. The back camera of the phone was 8 megapixel and also had 1.2 megapixel front camera.
  7. iPhone 5s: This was the first colour version of the iPhone. The phone had 64-bit A7 SOC, Touch ID and New Motion Data Processor. The phone was used for 16GB of internal storage and was used as the operating system on iOS 7. An 8-megapixel back camera and a 1.2-megapixel font camera were used in this version. The phone was priced $199. This is still the best-selling model in the history of the iPhone.
  8. iPhone 6: Apple Company has brought two models of iPhone simultaneously. One is iPhone 6 and the other is iPhone 6Plus. Both phones used the A8 processor and a 8-megapixel rear camera. The only difference was the display size of the iPhone 6 was 4.7 inches and the 6 Plus had a 5.5 inch display.
  9. iPhone 7: In September, 2016, Apple introduced the new version of iPhone, iPhone 7. The display was 4.7 inches with a resolution of 750 * 1334 pixels. The quad-core Apple A10 fusion processor and 2GB of RAM were used on the iPhone. It also had 12 megapixel back camera and 7 megapixel front camera.
  10. iPhone 8: In 2017, Apple brings a new version of the iPhone and that is the iPhone 8. This version of the iPhone is the first fully waterproof technology used phone. Its screen size is 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 * 750. Also used is a 12 megapixel back camera and a 7 megapixel front camera.
  11. iPhone X: Apple Company CEO Tim Cook unveils another new version with the iPhone 8, which is the iPhone X. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch Super Retina (OLED) display (1225 * 2436p, 458 ppi) display. The waterproof technology is used with 3 GB RAM.
  12. Phone 11: The latest version of the iPhone is the iPhone 11. The phone uses 13 Bionic processor with AI capabilities. 12MP Telephoto + 12MP Wide Angle Dual Camera with 6.5 inch LCD Display. And also there is waterproof technology.